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Canton Nation is an attempt to remedy the biggest problem in America today: legislatures that are supposed to represent the people, but instead represent special interests. 

Who are these special interests? At the national level we have many. We can go back to the Eisenhower administration to get the name of one of the largest and most powerful: the military-industrial complex. Big Pharma is enormous as well, and costs Americans dearly by making drugs in the US extremely costly relative to the rest of the world. Big Insurance has turned the health insurance industry into a monster that feeds the insurance companies while impoverishing the weak. Big Banking captured the government regulators, causing the so-called Great Recession of the last decade. Big Agriculture forces Congress to make farm products in the US more expensive, funneling money from the pockets of consumers to their own. Capitalism has gotten a bad name because of the crony capitalists of many industries that use Congress to create an uneven playing field, favorable to larger established companies, unfavorable to the consumer. On the local level, government unions such as the teachers unions have simultaneously negotiated unsustainable pensions while destroying the schools. 

And not only does the control of legislatures by special interests take money from the pockets of the current citizenry. They propel governments everywhere to spend beyond their means, taking the difference in long-term debt, that impoverishes future generations. 

What I am recommending is a plan to take back control of legislatures at every level of government from special interests, making legislators accountable to the people in a way that hasn’t existed for a long time, allowing the people to right-size government spending. I believe in the ability of people to make good choices, to determine wisely exactly which government spending is necessary, and how to get good value from the way their governments spend their money. In the long term I expect this will mean smaller government, less waste, and more money in the economy, spurring growth for this and future generations.

Special interests have had their time, and they have wreaked havoc. It is time for the people to take government back.

I will be posting articles that point out how the control of legislatures by special interests have been destructive. I am hoping members of this community will help by pointing out incidents of destruction by special interests that they witness. 

This community will also be forming cantons as ways to weaken the influence of special interests so that government may be once again of, by, and for the people.

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